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Who can participate?

  • The Certificate is available for any currently enrolledundergraduate. All our current undergraduates are welcome from throughout the campus!
  • Unfortunately, the certificate is not available to current graduate students, our alums, and those not affiliated with the campus.

Are course substitutions allowed?

  • Course Substitutions- Advanced Design Courses can be used to fulfill Design Skills and Design Foundations; Design Skills can be used to fulfill Design Foundation Course substitutions must still meet the requirements of each category: Design Foundations must be taken outside of your home College or School and no more that one course can be used toward your major requirements.
  • Design Skills- ENGIN 10 and ENGIN 28 can be used to fulfill Design Skills.
  • Breadth Requirements- Courses used to fulfill non-major breadth requirements can also be used to fulfill Certificate requirements.
  • Other Berkeley courses that do not appear on the approved course list can be petitioned for review to the BCDI Committee. Please submit course syllabus, year taken, and instructor. These courses will be approved on an individual
  • Courses taken at other Institutions cannot be used for the Certificate.

Can I take BCDI courses pass/fail?

  • No, courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Is there enrollment priority for Certificate students? Are seats reserved?

  • For now, there is no enrollment priority for BCDI students in any of the approved courses. The departments need to manage enrollment for their majors first. We will be working to increase sections where possible for BCDI students once we better understand enrollment trends.

Where is BCDI administered? How can I meet with an advisor?

  • The Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation is administered by the BCDI Academic Committee, which is composed of four faculty members from the four originating units (College of Engineering, College of Environmental Design, College of Letters & Sciences – Arts and Humanities Division, and the Haas School of Business). If you would like to meet with an advisor to discuss the certificate in detail, you can book an appointment with Tyshon Rogers, the BCDI student services advisor, here. Tyshon is located at 234 Jacobs Hall.